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About the Active Shooter Training Program:

Key components of RUN FIGHT SURVIVE Active Shooter Training Program include, when to run, where to run to, exit strategies, how and when to fight and incorporate survival strategies for a variety of active shooter scenarios. The length of the seminar will vary from two and a half to four hours long depending on the package. Groups of five or more will be held on the property of the business, church or organization. Active Shooter Training will include verbal presentations, physical drills (actually taking down the shooter and replicating high stress situations) and question and answer sessions.

What You Will Learn

Run Fight Survive distinguishes itself by focusing on three things:

1) Recognizing and Responding to Predatory Behavior.

2) Understand the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Fear on the Body, and using that understanding and Crisis Rehearsal Techniques to help minimize the risk of freezing up or panicking in an active shooter event.

3) True Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic Training to maximize student success. This includes physical drills including physically taking down the shooter.

Barricade & Exit Strategy

• The psychological and physiological effects of fear on the body
• Fear management techniques
• The differences between locking and barricading doors; considerations in barricading various environments.
• How to use the science behind the OODA loop to survive
• How to use Tactical Distractions with examples
• Using time and distance to survive
• Examples of action is faster than reaction

Fighting & Survival Strategy

• Technique over strength: overpowering the shooter regardless of size or background
• Using overwhelming force
• Understanding that fighting back does not have to mean using physical force
• Further psychological considerations of fighting back to include training for the Death Switch
• An introduction to gun disarmament techniques


Individual Training Package

Per person
Run Fight Survive training program held at the American Street Edge training facility. Great for individuals looking for more 1-on-1 training or those that do not require on-site training.

Group Training Package

Group pricing starts at $649 (5 people), and is only $49 for each additional person there after. 
Special flat rate pricing for churches. Call for details.
Run Fight Survive On-site training program. Great for places of business, houses of worship, healthcare facilities, higher education and more.

Get Started Today!

Arm yourself with the practical, hands on simulated experience of handling an active shooter situation, mass shooting, terrorism, workplace violence, and more. At the end of this training program you will be more knowledgeable, more prepared and have a better chance of preventing and/or responding to an active shooter event - that's our guarantee.





309 N. Redbud Ave.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday - By Appointment Only
Sunday - Closed

About the Instructor

Timothy J Fancher is the founder of RUN FIGHT SURVIVE, American Street Edge Self-Defense Systems and Psalm 144 Church Protection Seminars. Tim earned his Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in 2013 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fancher also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in Sociology in 2010 and an Associates of Science in Criminal Justice in 2007. Both of these degrees were earned at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri..

Fancher is a former police officer, a street safety and church security expert and has been a professional street self-defense instructor since 1999 with over 30 years of martial arts experience. Fancher has a 4th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate, specializing in teaching street self defense and personal protection tactics. Fancher also writes for WFX Network/Church Facilities Magazine and has had over a dozen articles on church security published in both print and online form. 

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